August 2018 Meeting Recap

Published August 8th 2018
Call to order - 6:04pm

Mr. Anderson's Update

  • Welcome new staff!
    • Mrs. Franks - 6th grade
    • Kim Kowalewski - security
    • Dr. Pam Shiffbauer (full-time counselor)
    • Ms. Mercer (ELL)
    • Ms. Eades (Resource)
    • Mr. Danze (Cafeteria)
    • Mrs. Schmidt (Librarian)
  • School Photos happening August 14th
  • Dancing classrooms has already started
  • We're off to a great start!
  • Enrichments start next week
  • 100% Wilson Kickoff - August 24 in the afternoon.
  • In-school banking will start again soon - 6th graders serve as tellers after a formal interview process and training.

Upcoming events

  • August 14: School Photos
  • August 24 2pm: 100% Wilson Kickoff
  • September 13 6pm-8pm: Open House night
  • October 12: Family movie night (tentative)
  • October 15-18: Book fair
  • October 17-18: Parent / Teacher conferences
  • October 26: Halloween Party

Treasurer Update - Johanna Gniffke

  • Balance: $4,050.68 (includes latest transfer from PayPal)
  • Johanna is getting everything organized for the year
  • Christina Cox discussed the process for book fair dollars - our only expenses are for the bank that we get back.
  • Christina Cox moves to approves budget report, seconded by Sonya Eaton - unanimous passage

Old Business

  • Cookie and Smencil sales happen every Friday. A sign up email was sent on Monday for first-semester signup.
  • IRS name change - We have a few things we need to do in order to get our name changed with the IRS.
  • Box Tops - Sonya Eaton: This year, whichever class raises the most for the period will get a party. An email will be delivered with more information.

New Business

  • Pool party kickoff night? We've done this in previous years, but we haven't done it for at least two.
    • We have a connection to Coco Key, but we're not sure about the status. Johanna Gniffke suggested a BBQ at a park.
    • Jamie: What about Elmwood park? Parent Pride could provide some food.
    • Jamie: Tentatively thinking August 24 for a kickoff party, potentially 5pm - 8pm She will research a park with a pavilion and round back to the group.
  • Twice monthly staff treats. This is something we have done before but haven't been as scheduled. Rachel will send an email with a link to sign up for a date to bring treats for 40-45 staff members.
  • Birthday cards for teachers. Parent Pride gives a birthday card. We're looking for $5 gift card donations for Scooters, etc. to deliver with the cards. Rachel will send an email about this.
  • Baker's Form. Bakers has a Community Rewards program. Parents can sign up and get a Baker's card, and a portion of everything they spend will be sent back to the school.
  • Hy-Vee receipts. September until the end of December. We need a volunteer to go to a Hy-Vee to sign up our school. We need someone to add up the totals, while subtracting certain items from the list. Wilson would recive $1 for every $200 spent.
  • 100% Wilson. 100% Wilson is a direct donation fundraiser where we ask for donations directly to the school instead of a traditional fundraising effort with catalogs, candy bars, etc. We found a few old forms from previous years that we're using this year. Jamie has put together some options in English and Spanish explaining 100% Wilson with some more direct asks for donations to help cover enrichment costs. We're going to try to get 100% participation, with an option on the form indicating that they are not able to participate at this time but would consider a donation later.
  • Penny War. Discussion about a kickoff Penny War.
  • Events Calendar. Jamie has prepared a first draft of an events calendar
  • Movie nights. We've done this in previous years, but the license to show these movies is ~$400 per year, minimum. We will discuss this more later.

    Adjourn at 7:05pm

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