March 2019 Meeting Recap

Published March 5th 2019
Call to order - 6:05pm

Mrs. Moats' Update

  • Testing Calendar published

    • 3rd Grade: Reading: April 3rd & April 4th, Math: April 10th & April 11th.
    • 4th Grade: Reading: April 10th, Math: April 17th
    • 5th Grade: Reading: March 26th & March 27th, Math: April 2nd & April 3rd, Science: April 9th & April 10th.
    • 6th Grade: Reading: April 3rd & April 4th, Math: April 10th & April 11th
  • Skate party was a success! So much fun.

  • Upcoming events:

    • March 6 & March 7: Parent / Conferences
    • March 28th: 5th grade Kindness Retreat
    • March 29th & April 5: 6th grade registration for Lewis & Clark
    • April 8: Safety audit
    • April 12: 3rd grade participate in Ollie Web program
    • April 12: 3rd grade Ms. McGee capstone
    • April 26: 3rd grade visit to Rose Theater
    • May 2 & May 3: Outdoor Ed
    • May 10: 3rd grade Mrs. Wolf capstone
    • May 17: Aristocats, 9am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm
    • June 3rd: 3rd grade roundup
    • June 4th: Career Day
    • June 7th: Field Day
    • June 11th: 5th grade shark dissection
    • June 13th: 6th grade capstone
    • June 19th: 5th grade capstone
    • June 20th: 6th grade farewell breakfast
    • June 21st: Karen Park to celebrate the last day of school
  • Strive for 95: Keep up the good work

Treasurer Update - Johanna Gniffke

  • No transactions in the month of February
  • Current balance: $8,919.52 in bank, $2,968.62 in PayPal
  • Our name is officially changed with the IRS

Old Business

  • Skate party was very successful - 149 skaters
  • Conference dinners - starting tomorrow (March 6 & March 7) - Tom Tom's Catering is making turkey and spinach meatballs and pasta + a meat-free option. Thursday lunch is fried chicken from TimeOut. Thursday evening is taco bar catered by Tom Tom's Catering.

New Business

  • Parent Pride will have a table at Parent / Teacher conferences
  • Tacos on the Turf
    • Alex is going to check on pricing for 65lbs. of taco meat.
    • Jamie is going to check on pricing for a clown who makes balloon animals
  • Card Making Party & potluck: considering last week of March or mid-April sometime. Families can make cards for veterans and socialize.
  • Swimming Party: CoCo Key - availability between now and April 8. We're not clear on pricing / options yet, but Jamie is gathering information. April 4 could be a good date for this.
  • May idea: The Aristocats movie, to get everyone excited for the play.
  • June idea (or May 31): 5th & 6th grade dance party
  • Testing treats: Parent Pride will help wrangle treats for testing days
  • 1st half enrichment payment: $5,000 - approved unanimously
Adjourn at 6:50pm

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